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135 Cecil Street#09-01 Philippine Airlines Building
SINGAPORE, 069536 Singapore
SINGAPORE, 06953 France


VISEO uses technology as a powerful lever of transformation and innovation to help its clients take advantage of digital opportunities, address new uses and compete with new players who change the rules of the game. ​With more than 2,500 employees globally, our worldwide presence best meets clients' needs through supporting global roll-outs.

VISEO is a global technology company with HQ located in France. The Singapore office serves as VISEO Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) headquarters, with additional offices in China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia, to address projects in other regions like Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, and India.


VISEO is experienced implementing Cegid Retail Y2 solution all over the world and helped our international customers to build their core mode design and roll out core model in different regional like NAM, LA, EMEA, APAC and Africa with adapting to local legal, fiscal regulations and provide localization work based on local business processes.

Cegid Retail Y2 is a complete cloud-based retail management solution which allows you to seize new growth opportunities and never miss a sale thanks to a unified, frictionless shopping experience – in-store, online, anytime, everywhere VISEO is helping our clients to design and implement their omnichannel processes such as click & collect, order online pick up in the store, order online shipping from warehouse/store, return in the store for online order,… via integration between Cegid Retail Y2 and all other 3rd party systems like e-Com, OMS, ERP,… to give consumers better and advanced unified shopping experience.

Thanks to the mobility solutions provided by Cegid Retail Y2 solution – Mobility POS, Cegid Retail Live Store, Inventory tracking, to provide easier and better way for store staff to perform daily operations.

When VISEO is helping our clients to do internal roll out of Cegid Retail solution, there are always some local specific requirements need to be fulfilled. Thanks to the CBS development tool provided by Cegid, VISEO is able to provide special development to satisfy the local specifics.

VISEO is providing integration service between Cegid Retail Y2 and 3rd systems such as ERP, WMS, OMS, e-Com, CRM, PIM,… with different integration methods (batch file, API, Webhook,…)