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Unit A, 3/F., KOHO 75-3-75 Hong to Road, Kwun Tong
KOWLOON, Hong Kong 100107 China


As the largest service provider of Cegid in China, Shiji Retail not only provides systematic installation and localization services for the landing of these international brands in China, but also provides enhanced applications suitable for the local market. At the same time, it also fully understands the best business practices of these international brands and the essence of their management concepts. Shiji retail hopes to bring the world's best technologies and applications to well-known brands at home and abroad, as well as those vibrant emerging brands committed to becoming a rising generation.


With the promotion of the platform strategy of Shiji information in the field of large consumption, Shiji retail began to further deepen the layout of retail formats in 2015, successively acquired domestic famous retail information manufacturers such as eFuture, Changyi technology, Guangzhou Heguang, Shanghai Shiyun, and reached a strategic partnership with Cegid, forming a product ecosystem that can meet the needs of different retail formats, and built a basic retail business platform, all channel operation End to end integrated technology solutions for mobile applications, supply chain, logistics, payment, big data and cloud computing.

Cegid Retail solution covers all retail distribution chain needs in the omni channel environment, including commodity planning, procurement and production, POS and store management, mobile POS, customer relationship management and customer loyalty management. It provides centralized real-time management for all retail channels to ensure that customers have a smooth experience. Shiji retail has many years of experience in configuring and deploying Cegid Retail Y2, as well as custom development and integration, and is committed to providing the most suitable retail solutions.

In order to help retailers build a local life circle in China and provide high-quality local life services for consumers, Shiji retail integrates mobile mall, member marketing and home OMS to build an iEgo service platform. By integrating with Cegid Retail Y2, you can better fit in with local retail in China and bring you business growth.

In order to help retailers better meet the diverse Invoicing business needs of consumers in line with national tax regulations, Shiji retail has built a centralized invoice management platform with multiple business type and terminals. Integrated with Cegid Retail Y2, you will get rid of all the tax worries.

In China, mobile payment, contactless payment and face scanning payment are standard configurations. Shiji retail has designed and developed a payment operation platform to provide retailers with local e-wallet solutions such as Alipay and Wechat payment.

Shiji retail cooperates with CNEDC, a leading domestic hardware distribution enterprise, to provide hardware procurement and maintenance services including Epson, Fuji film, citizen, AO Smith, Barco, Honeywell, Philips, Lenovo and other brands. We constantly optimize the POS hardware portfolio to meet customers' diverse performance requirements and budget constraints.

Shiji Retail headquarters is set up in Beijing, with Wuhan R & D center and branches in more than 20 cities across the country. The total number of employees is more than 1000, which can support customer service covering all regions of the country. We will support you to succeed in the Chinese market, so please feel free to contact us.