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Powered by creativity, guided by integrity.
We help our customers achieve most challenging goals.
Customer is our sole reason for being.


A successful project depends on the careful design of the deployment and delivery model, so as to meet the needs of our customer and help them to attain their business objectives from the basis of our planning and study of customer environment.   As one of the leading ICT Service providers in Korea, CreaVision adopts best practices approach acquired through many years of experience providing solutions to customers’ needs.  This knowledge is further refined through integration with CreaVision support for customers’ operations.   CreaVision’s project management services offer a single-point-of-contact management for nationwide support of services and technology; it also committed to provide outstanding quality and continuous improvement in the processes. Throughout the project, CreaVision will be responsible to ensure contracted services are delivered within contract specifications and to ensure supply meets business needs.

CreaVision has leveraged upon its global best practices through numerous references in retail business industry, service delivery methodology and project management tools to provide to customer a customized professional service targeted to meet customer’s business requirements and expectations. And as we have similar projects with other customers in Korea in the past, we will not be satisfied with just meeting the project requirements, we will continually endeavor to exceed expectations and will try earn respect through quality of service delivery, Our pro-active and professional approach to addressing your needs.

IT Stocktaking Project along with our onsite professional services. CreaVision is confident that our service will enable customer to transit the current IT stock management system in a successful and smooth way especially in terms of IT service and ultimately level up the service to customer customers in Korea.