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BROOKVALE, New South Wales 2100 Australia


GOC Retail delivers end-to-end unified commerce solutions to retailers with deep retail knowledge, cutting edge technology and expertise in seamless integration.

POS and Unified Commerce platforms | Supply side technology – ERP, PLM, WMS | eCommerce & marketplace integration | OMS & DOM | Inventory management | Support | Retail consultancy – Integration, business transformation, expansion.

We deliver solutions to leading retail brands including R.M. Williams, Oroton, and GANT.

Our offices are in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and the United States.


GOC Retail is experienced implementing Cegid around the world at iconic retailers like R.M. Williams, Oroton & GANT. Our clients say they love the relationships we build with them, and the way we enable them to focus on their core business. Built for specialty retailers who place customers at the heart of their strategy, Cegid Retail Y2 is a complete cloud-based retail management solution which is unmatched for its breadth of functionality. The solution allows you to seize new growth opportunities and never miss a sale thanks to a unified, frictionless shopping experience – in-store, online, anytime, everywhere.

Any business doing commerce is increasingly reliant on cloud solutions delivered as-a-service. When you have multiple cloud solutions – like ERP, POS, CRM, e-Commerce – it’s critical to ensure they all work together seamlessly. AgilyCom is integration-as-a-managed service and will take care of all of this for you. The flexibility of AgilyCom allows for rapid onboarding and quick delivery of new and improved features to the market. It also enables you to continuously iterate on the customer experience. AgilyCom provides rapid connection to cloud solutions and services, and we provide ongoing management and monitoring of your setup continuously through implementation and beyond. Ensure accurate and seamless flow of data across systems – remove all the silos | Quickly onboard new and improved features – scale and respond at will | Continuously improve customer experience. AgilyCom is integration-as-a-managed-service that connects all your enterprise technology components and continuously monitors your system integrations to ensure top performance. While you focus on developing better experiences for your customers, we’ll focus on the technical bits that get you there.