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WILLICH, 47877 Germany


MS POS is offering Consulting, Programming and Support for Cegid Retail. We are specialized in complex connections like SAP, D365 and have developed own interfaces as well as own addon’s like a graphical customer display for Cegid Retail. We also provide all services around fiscal solutions in Germany and Austria. Our team has handled various international projects. We have installations in approx. 30 countries and high expertise in localisation and fiscalisation. In addition to that we have our own support for Cegid in German, English, French language. We also offer payment and hardware solutions.


MS POS developed a graphical customer display for Cegid Retail Y2. We can display the transaction, pictures of the items, prices and discounts and also advertisements. All this in the layout and colours of the Customer CI. The solution is fully integrated in Cegid Retail Y2 back office and can be controlled and configured centrally. It is approved from Cegid for on-prem and cloud installations.

MS POS developed for almost all SAP products bidirectional interfaces to assist with the exchange of data. We see more and more the demand in complex environments to check real time data in SAP and to be in a position to update this data or to take them over in real time in Cegid Retail Y2. We have various customers where we implemented these interfaces. We developed them in that way that they can be used - with some adaptations - also for other ERP systems.

MS POS has installations in approx 30 countries with a wide experience in Fiscalisation. If you have stores in DACH we can explain you what is needed to fulfil the local requirements. CEGID has decided to go through EFSTA middleware to meet the fiscal requirements. EFSTA can be used in Germany Austria, Czech, Italy, France and add countries. We have also a well translated German database for Cegid Retail Y2.

MS POS has an experienced team of consultants and programmers for Cegid. We have developed own add-on’s and interfaces and we have implemented several big projects in Germany Austria and on an international base. Ask for our references and have a chat with our experts.

Our experienced team has a lot of experience in supporting Cegid Retail especially on a second level. We help several international customers for the stores in DACH but also in other countries. Our consultants speak German, English and also French. Of course we support also the fiscalisation in Germany and Austria (EFSTA) as well as the hardware in the stores. We have always machines on stock which can replace broken ones.

Pepper from Treibauf is a middleware to integrate payment terminals and providers into a POS solution. We have integrated Pepper into Cegid Retail so customers using pepper can integrated existing and future payment providers almost instantly. All supported terminals and providers you can find on following link:

We have a team in Greece and we maintain the Greek translation and assured that the Greek fiscal package is working as it should. We recently made a rollout for a Cegid Customer in Cyprus and Greece. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have store in Greece or planning to open some in future.