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HRS Hospitality and Retail Systems GmbH

Johannstr. 37
Dusseldorf, 40476 Germany


HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems is a global provider of IT solutions and services, operating in 90 countries and serving over 11,000 customers. As an official Cegid Partner, HRS offers a diverse range of innovative solutions to its customers, including mobile POS, payment gateways, loyalty programs, inventory and order management, online personalization solutions, and much more.
With a strong reputation for delivering quality services and a global presence, HRS has always prioritized the needs of its customers. We strive to communicate effectively, understand their requirements, and exceed their expectations. Our goal is to empower our clients, making them more efficient while helping them build successful, sustainable, and profitable businesses.


HRS Hospitality & Retail Systems is leading IT solutions and services provider with focus on enabling digital omnichannel capabilities for fashion and specialty retailers. We help retailers to deliver consistent brand identity across all touch points with customers and ensure that their customers benefit from exceptional experience across all sales channels. The key components of our offering are: - Point of Sale software and hardware - Mobile Point of Sale - Order Management and Orchestration - Loyalty Management - Ecommerce - Analytics - Payments - Fiscal Solution - IT Consulting and Implementation Services - 24/7 Technical Support Services